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Conselho Catering Consultants can help you make sense of your catering services

Food service solutions simplified..

We're in the solutions business. Our years of experience in the restaurant and catering industry have given us a varied and far reaching knowledge of how to make food and beverage services both excellent and profitable.

Simple Solutions

What's more, we do it all simply and straightforwardly - no jargon, no business speak. We look and listen - then discuss with you what we think you should do. To make all this work, we have set out our services so you can easily understand what we provide but equally, our flexibility is key to our success, so anything you would like to discuss is always on the agenda.

Independent Catering Advice

Our independence is very important to us and it is this that enables us to provide our clients with truly objective and clearly thought out catering advice.

We don't just tell you what is wrong; we tell you how to put it right. We are ready to tackle any catering service - our experience covers all types of food and beverage business;-

  • Catering in Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Business and Industry Staff Feeding
  • Retail and Commercial (High Street) Operations

Talk to us first for free

We offer a completely free initial consultation during which we will listen to your issues and discuss them with you. At this first meeting we will confirm what you will receive from us, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Contact us now, you have nothing to lose.

"We selected Conselho to help us identify ways of improving our profitability. Their informal and straightforward style helped us to develop a useful working relationship. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their catering services."

Event Caterer, London