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Conselho Catering Consultants can help you make sense of your catering services

Catering Consultants

Conselho was established to bring together the knowledge and skills of four independent catering consultants to deliver a service that is a blend of specialism's, unique in the catering arena.

All of us have worked for many years in all types of catering, starting as hands on caterers and developing our careers to senior management and director level.

Peter Sulston

Peter Sulston of the Conselho Catering Consultancy Peter Sulston runs the Sustainable Catering Consultancy, specialising in delivering sustainable catering solutions within a budget. Carbon footprint, fairtrade, free-range, composting, utilities and local supply are all areas that Peter enjoys - he even grows his own vegetables.

Contact Peter - peter@conselho.co.uk

Mobile:+44-(0)7831 457022

Stephen Grosvenor

Stephen Grosvenor of the
          Conselho Catering Consultancy Stephen Grosvenor runs Grosvenor Associates, a catering consultancy specialising in finance, budgetary control, data management, cashless systems and everything technical. Stephen enjoys delving into the detail and getting to grips with the real issues - finance.

Contact Stephen - stephen@conselho.co.uk

Mobile:+44-(0)7885 217077

Gideon Smith

Gideon Smith of the
          Conselho Catering Consultancy Gideon Smith runs Spires Catering Consultancy, working closely with clients to develop creative, practical solutions tailored to their business needs. Gideon has 25 years experience delivering operational excellence across a range of sectors. He has a keen interest in food innovation and enjoys trying out new ideas in his outdoor kitchen.

Contact Gideon - gideon@conselho.co.uk

Mobile:+44-(0)7817 187813

Catherine Fleming

Catherine Fleming of the
        Conselho Catering Consultancy Catherine runs Pan Consulting, working with clients to navigate the complex operational process from contractor negotiations to finance, tendering, project management and marketing. Her 30 years of experience equips her with the expertise needed to provide innovative, tailored solutions to businesses with budgets big and small. She is often found wandering food markets.

Contact Catherine catherine@conselho.co.uk

Mobile:+44-(0)7584 655551

"I was looking for some advice on a restaurant start up project. Conselho helped me work through my ideas and helped me to produce my business plan. They were really easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone who is, or is considering, running a catering business."

An entrepreneur, Isle of Wight