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Conselho Catering Consultants - 0207 193 5317
Conselho Catering Consultants can help you make sense of your catering services

Support for Self-Managed Catering Services

Bringing your Catering Services back in-house

You maybe coming up to the time for a competitive evaluation of your current catering service but feel that you wish to explore wider options for managing your services. This may include the possibility of taking full local control and managing them yourselves.

We can;

  • Meet with you to discuss and explore your options.
  • Provide a brief, based upon your needs that ensures you maintain full compliance with all legislation, from food safety to employee responsibilities.
  • Support you to prepare a viability report for consideration by your stakeholders that demonstrates the benefits and possible risks of self-managing and out-sourcing your services.
  • Help you select and recruit any new members of staff required.
  • Support you in determining a robust plan for your journey to self-management.
  • Provide on-going mentoring and professional support to your new management team.
  • Once your new Self-Managed service is up and running we can offer periodic audits of both financial and legislative compliance to keep you on track.

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"We selected Conselho to help us identify ways of improving our profitability. Their informal and straightforward style helped us to develop a useful working relationship. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their catering services."

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