Conselho Catering Consultants - 0207 193 5317
Conselho Catering Consultants - 0207 193 5317
Conselho Catering Consultants can help you make sense of your catering services

Tender Management

We all have experience in both responding to, and managing, the tender process and can offer a range of services;

  • We can meet with you to discuss and understand your catering requirements as well as advise you on timings and your statutory responsibilities.
  • We will simplify and clarify the terminology and show you how to tender your catering.
  • We will design and specify your catering tender documents to ensure accurate information.
  • help you to gain interest from prospective caterers ensuring that they fulfil your buying and service objectives.
  • We can fully manage the tender process for you or simply provide you with guidelines and advice.
  • We can manage all correspondence and contact with prospective caterers on your behalf.
  • We can evaluate tender responses and liaise with prospective caterers.
  • We can deal with all European and UK competitive purchasing compliance to ensure a fair and transparent management and selection.
  • Once the contract is let, we can offer follow-up advice or audits to ensure that the agreed services are being delivered to agreed budget and quality standards.
  • We can offer regular, independent customer surveys so you can evaluate how satisfied your customers are.

If you are considering a change, are not satisfied with your current catering arrangements or have any questions about competitive tendering, please contact us to discuss how we can help you get a great deal for your catering services.

"We selected Conselho to help us identify ways of improving our profitability. Their informal and straightforward style helped us to develop a useful working relationship. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their catering services."

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